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February 23, 2010


It's true that health care in this country needs a major overhaul. However "Obamacare" is NOT the answer. Making it mandatory to carry health insurance is unconstitutional. This plan does little more than create a monstrous bureaucracy and give Insurance companies and the government power over our entire lives from cradle to grave. If not repealed it will bankrupt the nation. If you doubt me, see how Massachusetts has done with a similar plan on the state level. Be sure to note that the state is bankrupt. Giving insurance and government this kind of power is wrong.

It is, in fact, the exact opposite of what really needs to be done since insurance, corporate greed, big government and the long neglected need for tort reform is the majority of the problem.

Obamacare must be repealed, the members of Congress that voted for it must be voted out of office as well as the sorry excuse for a president that pushed so hard for this monstrosity in the first place.

You ought to have a look at this video on YouTube:

"America Rising"


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