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August 22, 2011


Although I still think these three are guilty, I feel that the desion by Scott Ellington was the best for all concerned. In your comment you said the best thing we could was to put this behind us and move on. Then right after your comment, KAIT ran a promo to their news cast addvertising their coverage on this matter. The ony way we the people can put this behind us is if the media does first. I can't belive you could make a statement like this and then allow your station to use it as an addvertisement to their news coverage.


Unfortunately, I disagree with your assessment that the decision in the West Memphis case brings closure. By allowing these three (especially one who had confessed to these killings multiple times) to take an Alford plea is a disgrace to the legal system. The prosecutor either should have declared them innocent or retried them and let a jury decide their fate. To compromise in this manner tells us that we have a prosecutor that is easily intimidated by celebrity and high-powered defense attorneys. To back down in this case is a testament to the fact that if you have money, you can gain favor. The West Memphis defendant's propaganda machine did an excellent job of swaying some public support for their cause, but an examination of the documents on file, especially the Misskelley confessions, paints a very different picture. Money and influence overpowering justice is never a good thing.

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