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November 05, 2012


I do not mean to diminish the tragedies on highway 226 in recent days. I do wonder, how many fatalities have occured on that stretch of highway in the past year,5 years or 10 years. Will adding patrols to that area now prevent what has already happened? By adding a police presence there,they are taking it from another area. My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones. I have no answers for them. I have traveled that stretch several times myself and never considered it to be dangerous.On the contrary,it's much straighter than roads I am accustomed to in SW Lawrence County. A road is only as safe or as treacherous those who drive on it.In one instance it's alleged the truck driver was under the influence of marijuana.In another,it's alleged the truck driver was not attentive enough to traffic in front of him.Over-reacting, at times, can be as wasteful as no reaction at all.

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