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February 25, 2013


Thanks Tara. Well said.

I would like to address your lack of education and judgment concerning addiction. Addiction transcends socio-economic status and level of education. It does not, however, transcend the love one feels for his or her child. I know parents who are addicts and parents who are not. Approximately the same percentage of each group “cherish” their children. I would like to rewrite your little “script” using another form of addiction to see, if maybe, you can relate better.

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at McD’s is not a parenting skill
Obesity has recently been elevated to the #1 health risk in the United States. Not only do parents set a bad example with their own obesity, they also establish life long habits of unhealthy eating in their children. This ensures that each ensuing generation faces the same unhealthy life style and medical maladies. I get the sense that this all leads back to a lack of education and judgment. These parents think they are good parents because their children get three happy meals and five snacks everyday. REALLY? I realize that most obese people love food, but who would think that’s okay? If they would just “cherish” their children, everybody would be at their healthy weight!

Tracey, I suggest you educate yourself on addiction. A good place to start would be to interview Jonesboro Attorney Skip Mooney founder of Out of the Dark. THEN, you could visit one of the various rehab facilities in the area and look those parents in the eye and tell them “If you would just cherish your child, you would be able to overcome your addiction.”

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