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July 29, 2013


I agree that 5 years ago a tragic event happened that rocked the worlds of both the Davidison and the Blanchard families. I am sure both families grieved and continue to grieve over what happened.
I would like for KAIT to consider something however. Reproducting the specifics of the event can only add to future grief for those families. For instance, I don't think it was necessary to rename who the driver was, that he killed himself, show the police report in Mr. Blanchard's words etc. I think it would have been enough to describe what happened without the above and still get the point over about "don't text and drive". I would hope that in the future more consideration for the families involved would be thought through prior to these productions. Noone can argue with the evidence in the report you gave, but was it really necessary.
Troy Vines

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